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I started in 1984…I kicked started my first crew Total Control with a guy named Marc Brown in about 85…I quit his crew to due to creative differences to build my own…SBC DJ’s was formed around late 85-early 86…SBC was formally abbreviated short for Style Beyond Compare…originally taken from a group of graffiti/breakin dancing kids which eventually turned in to DJ’s.

SBC was from Daly City…started by me, out of Westmoor High School…(same school as familiar DJ groups & DJ’s named: Spintronix, Mike Master Mike, & DJ Apollo came from)….I barely graduated in 1987…but got my diploma in the mail 1 week after graduation…then went to Skyline College to force myself to become something for 3 years…in the end to find out I was just attending college just fall asleep in class from a hard day of work from the night before!

Anyways…I used DJing as a way to stay out of the trouble of gangs, drugs & the corner liquor store! Tho these things are always the biggest downfall of most teens in life at my age, I managed some how to dodge all of these things and drag other members to join me and stay on a positive path. Till this day I still don’t do any of these EVIL temptations which has helped keep me on a straight road to being successful & focused at DJing as career! Who would of ever of thought that DJing would be my long life time job! If u currently look around the game of DJing, very few ever make it a FULL TIME gig…most have to do this as a passion on the side of there real day to day lives working a real job…Somehow I’ve learned hustle to beat the odds….and I wanna say making real money to live while keeping the same creative art of DJing has probably been the biggest challenge & goal of my entire life…Ive been at DJing full time now since 1995 (the start of KMEL) and haven’t looked back since thru the rough and tough times of the current economy! And I don’t ever plan to work a real job again! (cross my fingersl)

To make a long story short I’ve been a late bloomer to radio and got on back in 1995…after the great regime of Cameron Paul, Alex Mejia, Michael Erickson, Theo & Billy Vidal just to name a few who now all moved on in life to other things…ever since i’ve carried the ball and iv’e been very lucky to stay constantly relevant by changing with the times and always keeping an open mind to be ahead of the curve.

My SBC crew is probably one of the only few left from the 80’s that is STILL AROUND…STILL KEEPING IT STREET & STILL DOIN IT AS A CREW (no solo)…STILL DOING MIXTAPES….ALL ON A CONSISTENT LEVEL (25 plus years in the game)…we consider ourselves the last of the DINOSAURS and hoping we can pass the torch as we are constantly taking in new members and not get struck by any meteor’s to cause our extinction!

Currently 2013 I’m employed at Clear Channel as the head DJ….DJing 3 of the most important times on the radio….12pm in the afternoon with on air personality K2…..5pm drive with Sana G….& evenings at 7pm with Big Von…these obstacles in life are day to day challenges to keep number #1 ratings and the things I do in the streets beyond!

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