1947 Chevrolet Fleetline, LENCHO’S

1948 Chevy Fleetline,


1947 Chevrolet Fleetline

Lorenzo Garcia from East Side San Jose and proud member of 408 Ryders Car Club also de San Jo Califas, was always into Streelowriders since a youngster. He’s had his different styles of ranflas, his first ride was a 86 Cutlass where he cruised for a while, then he started trading up his rides getting upgrades in types of cars. One day while cruising his mas firme 53 Chevy Hard-Top he met up with Aldo Reynoso, Aldo’s known to be a man with many rides in his belongings. Aldo happen to have a super clean stock 1947 Chevrolet Fleetline, the two got to talking and made a trade, the 53 Hard-Top for the 47 Fleetline.

Well with the Fleetline having a stock Brown & Tan paint job Lorenzo “Lencho” wanted to have a super clean paint job that no other Bombita ever had, so he took it to one of San Jose’s well known painters that could handle a paint job he was looking to do. Carlos Malvido also known as “COAST ONE” was the man with the skills, Coast One had previously did work on Lencho’s 53, so he already knew Coast One’s work. When it was time for Coast One to get down, well check this out he laid down the paint job in THREE WEEKS TIME and in a GARAGE, talk about backyard boogie. Coast laid down multi patterns in House of Kolor Kandy Tangerine & Kandy Pagan Gold with House of Kolor Flake. Finishing touches were left to another San Jose Custom Paint Icon “Carlos Lima”. Carlos added Gold Leafing & Pin Striping to accent the paint job. Lencho’s 47 has super clean Dark Brown Mohair Interior, powered by a stock 235 Chevy Motor, the Bombita has many accessories such as a Banjo Steering Wheel, Fog Lamps, Vent Shades, a Latch Down and Passing Mirror. This ranfla rides on a set of Original13x7 Three Times Gold Zenith Wire Wheels of Campbell Ca. Now Lencho rides with pride along side he fellow 408 Ryders Car Club Members.

Lencho would like to take the time to thanks his family, Wife Yolanda, Son Lorenzo Jr, and Daughter Ariel for standing by his side & putting up with his B.S. all these years. A major shout out to his Mom & Dad and all his family blood or not, where he’s got nothing but Mad Love & Respect for them. A special love for his Mother In-law Jenny Borquez may she Rest In Peace. Big Thank You to Coast One for the bad-ass paint job & also to Carlos Lima for the Gold Leaf & Pin Stripe. And to his 408 Ryders Cub members for letting him ride by their side down the Blvd. Also to his Homies, you know who you are, for being there when needed….

Photos: John Pineda Jr.

Text: Pauly Cardenas

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