1964 Chevy Impala, Cali Life

1939 Chevy

Car Name: All Day 64

Car Model: 1964 Chevy Impala           

Owner: Junior Martinez   Car Club: Cali Life

Model: Latasha     

Photo/Text: John Pineda


For Junior Martinez, Streetlowriding is in his blood.  Groging up with his Pop’s building Lowriders inspired Junior to build his own.  Junior began building his 64 Impala 11 years ago.  For 10 of those years he has belonged to Cali Life car club, and in all those years, his “Lifer” brothers have been as close as a phone call away, whether it be to help with the ride or just to drink some beers.


Junior bought his 64 in New Mexico for $5,000.00.  Miguel from Galt did all the body work and shot it Red while the frame was being worked on in Junior’s back yard.  After the bodywork and paint was done, it was brought back home where Art Sanchez of Greenfield did the patterns and “LIFER” on the firewall.  Many of modifications, the open moon roof, and the fully reinforced frame for the hydraulics were done in the back yard.  All the suspension, bumpers and engine parts were chromed by Abas Chrome in Mexicali Mexico.  The Hydraulics were bought from Hi/Low and the custom upholstery was done by Thomas Perez in Salinas CA. 


Junior has lost track of how much he has put into his car.  Junior originally painted the car silver and it was complete in 2011.  He went to our Streetlow show in Wodland, CA but had a bout of bad luck and wrecked coming back home.  Not one to be discouraged, Junior again took the car apart and rebuilt it into what you see today.  It finally hit the streets again in June of 2013. 


Junior built his lowrider to drive, not necessairly for the shows.  He wants to thank his Cali Life Brothers for all the help and support.  Also his girlfriend and family for being there through the tough times.

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