1972 Chevy Impala Convertible “Tropical Breeze”

1939 Chevy

Car Club:USO Family 5+ years

Car Name: “Tropical Breeze”

Car Info: 1972 Chevy Impala Convertible

Photos/Text: John Pineda


Brotha Joe has been a friend for a few years.  I had the priviledge of shooting Joe’s last car, “Shaka”, a couple years ago.  Since then, we have kept in touch, talked at various shows, and when he was ready to bust out Tropical Breeze, I was the first to know about it.  Now, I have known about it for a lil over a year, but it wasn’t exactly ready till like 5 months ago.  Now, all good things come to those who wait, and Oklahoma Model, Emili Joy was well worth the wait.  When this sexy Southern Belle made a trip all the way to the Bay Area to shoot with me, I knew she was the one.


The car was started in LA by Jesse Soto of Traffic CC and Brotha Joe brought it up to Bay Area three years ago and took it to the next level.  Building on the Candy Pattern Flaked out Blue, light Green, light blue, majenta, lavender, and purple that was done by Jesse Soto in L.A.  Added was a rebuilt 327ci, Full Chrome under carriage, 60 spoke cross lace Uso Edition Wire Wheels, Two Low Life Comp hydraulic pumps, 4 batteries Hardline and trunk by Jr Nelson. 1000 watt amp 12’bass box 6″1/2 in kickers mids and highs in door byStereo City Fremont CA. George Machado at  Avee’s Custom Upolstery in Tracy CA did the upholstery.


Brotha Joe put about $26,000 into his baby in the 3 years to took him to finish his build.  Hehas won several awards and Trophies up and down the west coast.  Hedrives it as often as he can, which amounts to about 2 or 3 times a week.  Joe wants to give thanks to his wife Traci and Big Uso Kita for spreading the love ofhis Uso Family,Allied Auto Parts Jr Nelson who has many hours under the hood under,behind and on top of the car and George Machdo for lacing up the interior Mr Impala for getting my part in dipped and back to the bay asap!


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