Beginning of the year cruise & hop in San Francisco, California January 25th 2015

Photos and story by Rick “Lobo” Martin


In northern California one of the best places to take your lowrider for a cruise is in San Francisco. Unlike most cities in the United States the police don’t treat lowriders like a bunch of outlaws. On this day the motorcycle cops actually helped the caravan of lowriders cruise from the Silver Bridge down La Mission and 24th st to pier 30 behind Reds Java House.

Lowriders from the entire bay area and further came out to kick it on a Sundayafternoon with the San Francisco lowrider council. Impalas, Cadillac’s, Bombas and motorcycles all rolled in single file as I and many other onlookers took photos and video.  As the firme ranflas rolled in some hit their switches to hop or 3 wheel for all to see. The bombs rolled in slow and low turning heads with them loud pipes and beautiful fenders. As everyone parked you noticed the view of the bay bridge in the back ground made it an awesome day for photos.

As the sun started to go down all the gente started to get into their rides and line up to leave and cruise down the Embarcadero for the rest of the night. Trolleys, tourists and lowriders filled the Embarcadero for the rest of the evening. Big thanks to the San Francisco lowrider council for putting this cruise together and to the bay area lowrider community that came out to support.

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