Streetlow Model – Chole

No model I better associated with Streetlow than Chole.  Chole (which is slang for her hometown city of Soledad) has been with Streetlow Magazine for over 8 years.  When Chole was discovered, she had not quite reached 18.  She was in attendance  of our car show in Salinas.  One of our guys spotted her as she was entering the car show and started talking to her.  She was simply told to call us when she turned 18.  Well, on her 18th birthday, to the day, we got her call.  Chole was ready to begin her modeling.  It just so happened that on her birthday weekend that we were going to a car show in Bakersfield, and Chole was more than willing to go.  What would happen in the years to come is history. Chole has become one of the most beloved and recognized Streetlow Magazine model.

Being part of Lowriding was something that was in Chole’s blood well before the day we discovered her.  Chole’s earliest child hood memories were of going to Lowrider car shows as a toddler with her father.  When Chole lost her father at a young age she held on to the memories of posing next to these beautiful Lowriders, of seeing beautiful bikini clad models also posing next to these cars.  Lowriding was the memory of her father.  Because she loved her father, sje clinged to this memory and lifestyle.

Chole is what called the MacGyver of Models.  On the many road trips I would take with her, she always has needle, thread, and super glue.  If a heel broke, if an outfit tore, she had the tools needed to repair it.  If she needed an outfit, the scissors she always kept could turn a  tank top in to a crop top and mini skirt in no time flat,  Chole is very creative and has the ability to make nothing into something sexy.

We at Streetlow will always be thankful to Chole for what she has contributed to our magazine.  She is more than simply a model, she is and always will be Family.


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