Emili Joi

Name:    Emili Joi                       Date of Birth: 01/16

 Hometown: Fort Gibson, Oklahoma

Astrological sign:  Capricorn all the way baby

Measurements: 32D 26 34

Hair color: Brunette do it better     Eye color: Brown eyed beauty


Modeling Credits;

– Tatical girls international Calendar

– Calender girl for The Horse Magazine november 2013

– Published november 2012 front cover The Horse Magazine

rockconfidential.com girl october  2012 includes interview

– Promo model for My place bbq 2010,11,12,13.. Traveled to Dallas, Tulsa, and New Mexico for them.

– Ring card girl for Toughman Boxing and MMA 2011

– Ring card girl for Toughman Boxing 2010

– Advertisment promo for Crossbones Guitars 2010

– Silver Dreams online Magazine Oct.2010 includes interview


Favorite things you like: I love to be outside and I’m pretty much down for anything adventurous. I love to make people laugh. I want to travel the world and I have been many places . Summertime is my favorite # lake time . I have a sexy Chrysler Crossfire and my Lil G- Ryde my 91 Cadillac Brougham. I have a sweet Kitty Cat . I enjoy all music just depends on my mood and the weather  lol cause Oklahoma crazy. I’m an Oklahoma girl so I like some good ol  home cooked meal, which I can cook!


Things you don’t like:

Only thing I don’t really like in people are ones that are rude or overly judgmental.  I treat people how I want to be treated so I show respect and I’m very sweet to pretty much everyone, but don’t mistake my kindness for a weakness.


What got you into modeling: It all started when a friend of mine asked me to do a boxing fight show as a ring card girl . I was scared as hell but I had so much fun . After that I got in contact with other promo organization and photographer’s to build a port.  I enjoy being in front of the camera I love taking on challenges to show how diverse I can be or what I can create.


Your Background: I’m a woman that thoroughly enjoys life. I try to live life to the fullest.  I love to be challenged. I’m down for just about anything that get my blood pumping , weather that be fitness related or outdoorsy stuff. I love to be on or near the water ,it calms my soul. I’m originally from San Jose California but moved to Oklahoma when I was little . I’m a great friend to have ,I’ll keep you laughing and I’ll always have your back. I can be the sweetest  southern Belle you ever have met . But I know how to handle my own. I have been married to the most wonderful and supportive husband a girl could dream of .I truly married my best friend we have so much fun together and always looking for a new adventure.  Like I mentioned earlier I love to travel.  I love to learn about other countries or people in general. History is my favorite subject I just like to learn and all history is interesting to me . I have been around cars my whole life Daddy taught me at a young age how to work on them and my grandpa taught me how to rebuild small engines. I don’t mind to get a Lil dirty . My husband and I even own a custom car restyling shop. We do everything from lifts on trucks to leather and anything electronic. We have a great crew . Our guys are the best in this area . I’m down to earth and I don’t mind working hard. I never had anything handed to me nor do I want it to be . I appreciate what I have cause I/We built it. If you see me out say hi I ain’t stuck up .I like meeting people.

it took nearly a year to shoot with Emili.  I was contacted by her husband and we talked. She was finally able to make it and also have a long over do visit with her family.  Shooting with Emily was a real pleasure.  Southern raised girls have a sweetness about them that can not be compared to women anywhere, and Emili was no exception.  One of the few women I have seen that can have short hair and pull it off with unchallenged sexiness.  The shoot we did with Brother Joe’s car. Tropical Breeze of USO Car Club was filled with Hot shots.  It is unfortunate that a layout can only have so many photos.  With our new website here we can enjoy many more of those pictures.  Hopefully Emili can come back someday and we can recreate the Magic.


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