Name/Age: Jessy Bee    24


Date of Birth (month/day only): Oct,  8


Hometown: El Sobrante CA


Astrological sign: LIBRA


Measurements: 34-29-39


Hair color: blonde                    Eye color: blue


Modeling Credits:


Favorite things you like:

My favorite colors are purple ,pink,& teal. favorite food is Teriyaki chicken. my favorite pet is a pitbull. modeling is my passion but my hobbies are painting , drawing , dancing, photography,Watching movies &traveling with friends.


Things you don’t like:

Close minded people, men & women who think there gods gift to the world. people who are unloyal to there beliefs. Hypocrites .


What got you into modeling:

The possibility to do something impossible. i started at 16 doing runway for a friends clothing line, Rat co. then networked my way around to find other modeling jobs. at 18 i met my first manager Sara Marie and began doing glamour and Car modeling also, that’s when i signed to Streetlow.


Tell me about yourself and your background:


I’m a small town girl with country & city roots, i’ve always been a social butterfly who wants to be friends with everyone. I don’t think i’m very competitive because id rather help you then try to compete with you, but don’t take that as my weakness because I’m very confident and I’ll probably win in the end anyway. My family and friends are my world and id do anything for them. I think the saying “no new friends” is Stupid. i believe “The more the merrier” .  If i had to pick three words to describe myself i’d say i’m Loving, glamorous ,& creative.


Jessy is an incredible, sexy lady.  Seeing her at a shoot you would expect to see her in Victoria’s Secret.  She can pull off innocent just as easily as she can pull off Sexy.  She is soft spoken, but speaks her mind and commands your respect.  Having been a photographer for many years I have approached many women to model with ease, being confident with my skills, Jessy has been the only model I have been a little intimidated in approaching.  Jessy has great work ethic, and will ALWAYS keep a commitment to shoot.  In the many shoots we have done, she has NEVER flaked on a shoot.  She is always early and always prepared.  Jessy is one of the models I have come to consider a friend, and her loyalty is without question.  She has a personality that is not conceited in any way.  Other models who meet her become instant friends with her.  Similar to Paulina, Jessy will charm her way with the women at car shows just as easily as the men and kids love her.


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