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Watsonville Riders

Bringing it Back Car Shows



The Watsonville Riders have always been a very straight forward, community oriented club who likes to have fun.  Most of the members all have families and children growing up in the Lowriding Lifestyle.  Over the past few years, President Moe and his members have been doing their best to bring back all the things that people loved about Lowriding.  They started by an “end of month” cruise throughout the Spring and Sumer months.  The first and second cruise is a build up to their April Show at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds.  For those of you who know your Lowriding history,  Lowrider shows were stopped at the Fairgrounds years ago because of fights and stabbings.  Moe and his members had a huge hurdle to simply have the first show just three years ago.  Since their first show, the Riders have had a great track record of no incidents, no fights and no violence, either during or after the show.  Fairgrounds officials always welcome the show back with open arms.  Police have always been very happy with the Watsonville Riders. We at Streetlow have always shown the Watsonville Riders the support they have always shown us.  I have made personal friends with many members, covering every event possible including quincineras.

The Bringing it Back Car Show started after a few successful small shows and the feedback from other clubs to throw a bigger show.  After looking at a few locations, El Presedente Moe and the Club  settled on making an impact by doing the show at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds where Lowrider Shows had been all but banished.  With Community, Police and political support, they were allowed to throw the 1st show.

Almost all the local Car Clubs such as Watsonville Impalas, Nokturnal, Dukes, Bombitas, the Castroville Midnighters, Socios,  Built to Clown, Certified Riders and many others have shown their support for the shows over the past three years.  This Album is showcasing the  first two shows the Riders have thrown, in 2013 and 2014.  Look for the 2015 Bringing it Back show in a future issue of Streetlow.


I want to personally thank Moe and all the Riders for always inviting me to their events and gatherings.  You have never treated me like just another Photographer, but as family.


Photos/Text: John Pineda

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